“Get around….”


Rennes is not a very big city, but if you don’t know how to drive manual (raising hand over here) you’ll end up relying on the public transport. This is one of the things I love about France: their public transport

To get into Rennes

  • Bus
    • France offers a good amount of private busses that you can take to get around France
  • Train
    • Take the TVG here. Relax. And enjoy the scenery
  • Car
    • Maybe you have a car or you can car pool with someone
  • Airplane
    • Yes, Rennes has an airport. But I will be honest I have never heard of anyone using it…

To get around Rennes

  • Walk
    • Ok, this is pretty obvious. Not everything is in walking distance, BUT in the city center most places are in close proximity
  • Car
    • Sometimes parking can be a hassle, so it’s just better to take the bus or metro
  • Bus
    • The busses in Rennes are very reliable. Unless there’s a greve…
  • Metro
    • They are in the process of constructing another metro line. Right now there’s only one, so there is no reason to get lost on the metro.
  • Bike
    • Like most cities, Rennes has bike stations. Where you can rent a bike for as long as you would like. FYI: The first 30 minutes are free!!

To figure out your route or if you want any information about the local bus or metro check out Star



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