Etudier à Rennes

As I stated in a post earlier, Rennes is known as a “student city’ with more than 60,000 students. Last week, I wrote that I am currently on a student visa here. Since the cost of studying here is nothing compared to the US, it might be a good option to research if you’re interested in coming here.


I am attending a program called CIREFE which is a program for foreigners who have little or no French and wish to learn it. You can attend for a semester or for the whole year, and it ranges from 16 to 20 hours per week; depending on your level. There’s also an evening class for students doing a licence (a bachelor’s degree) or a master’s degree. And if you’re really rich, there’s an intensive summer course. They have some clubs that you can join, and they have different excursions around Bretagne as well. I’m really enjoying my time here so far.

Annual: 1483 €
Semester: 1053 €
Health Insurance: 215€
* If you are under 28, you pay an extra 215€ for health insurance.

Rennes 2

This is one of the main public universities in Rennes. There focus is on arts, literature, languages, communication, human and social sciences and sport. A few of the majors they offer are history, music, performing arts, sports management etc. Check out there website which can be translated to English to see a complete list of the majors.

Annual Cost
Licence: 189.10 €
Master: 261.10 €
Doctoral: 396.10 €
*Health Insurance: 215€

Rennes 1

This is the other major public university, and their focus is more on science, technology, medicine, philosophy, law, management and economics with over 600 majors. For instances they offer international business, political science, physics, engineering etc.

Annual Cost
Licence: 189.10 €
Master: 261.10 €
Doctoral: 396.10 €
Engineer: 615.10 €
*Health Insurance: 215€

Note that a few of their programs are in English, but they cost about 6,000 € per year. So make sure you carefully research what you want to study. But still compared to $20,000 USD per year, 6,000 is nothing.

Rennes has a few École Supérieures which are equivalent to private universities, and like most private schools they cost a little more. It looked like the average annual costs for the schools listed below are about 6,000 €. Some are a little more and some are little less.

École Normale Supérieure de Rennes

ENS Rennes offers studies in law,economics, management, computer science, mathematics, mechatronics.

Institut d’études politiques de Rennes 

If you hear that someone goes to a Science Po ,which is this school, they mean business. Science Po is a prestigious and competitive grand école in France. With a curriculum based around political sciences, history, sociology, economics, management studies etc.

ESC Rennes School of Business

As you can assume from the name, this is one of Rennes grand école in business. Attracting a large number of international students here. Some of the programs included are MBA, Master of Science in International Accounting, Management Control & Auditing , International Finance, International Financial Markets Analysis, International Luxury & Brand Management,  Supply Chain Management etc.

École pour l’informatique et les nouvelles technologies

EPITECH for short is a private school that also offers courses in English. The main subject at this school is computer science.

École pour l’informatique et les techniques avancées

Another school with a nickname is EPITA. They are mostly focused on engineering and computer science as well.

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées

INSA another grand école for engineering based at Rennes.

Catholic University of Rennes

About 30 minutes from the city center is a private Catholic university near Rennes. Offering law, language, management, art history etc.

Hopefully, this post has given you options for if you were thinking about studying aboard in France. Like I said the schools here are relatively inexpensive!

à bientôt!




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