L’Amour = France.

The country of LOVE. When coming to France, many people choose the city of “love”: Paris. I agree Paris has a romantic ambiance that je ne said quoi that France is famous for . However, I ended up in a city just as charming: Rennes. Before arriving here, I couldn’t find much information about it. So I thought I would create a blog to help anyone who wants to study abroad here, move here, visit or just want to learn more about Rennes and France in general.

I’ll start with some basic information about Rennes. First,  It’s only 2 hours from Paris by train, but the prices can get a little steep. So if you’re looking for a cheaper option, but it’s a little longer check out Ouibus which offers cheap transportation all around France.  Rennes is located in the west part of France in Bretagne, and it’s the capital of the department. If you don’t know about departments, don’t worry I’ll explain later because I didn’t either before coming here.  It’s known as the student city because there’s around 200,000 habitants, but 60,000 of them are students. And during the summer there’s not much going on. It’s the 10th biggest city in France. Rennes is located about 1 hour from the sea. This quaint place offers a nice balance of city life and and the countryside. Whereas Paris is mostly city life, and if you  want to escape you need to take a train somewhere. There’s one main metro line, so you will never get lost with the metro. From what I can tell Rennes is expanding rapidly. I’ve only been here for a year. But I have enjoyed my time here so far, and I wanted to share it with others.

Ok, I don’t want to write about Rennes too much in this post, or there will be no use for this blog! But I hope this makes you look at another part of France if you are thinking of coming here. 



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